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Costom Love Doll Option A brief explanation of all the custom doll options to help you build your perfect love doll.

One of the first decisions you’ll make when choosing your doll is whether or not to have her “Custom made” or “Same as photo”.

How to Order

Selecting the ‘Same as photo’ options mean just that. Your doll will be made to look just like she does in the photos, wig, eyes, skin tone… The lot. This is what is commonly referred to as a pre-configured sex doll.

The feet’s pre-configured are standing. It’s making sure the doll could stand with their feet. If you want non-standing or make an upgrade(Hardened Feet Without Studs), please find the option in the custom made options.

Also, the doll has a fixed vagina in the pre-configured. If you want an insert vagina, please find the option in custom made.

Selecting the ‘Custom made’ option means you get to choose all the little details yourself and swap out any bits you don’t like. See below for a brief explanation of all the custom sex doll options available and what each one means:

What do all the options actually mean?

Skin Tone:

  • Skin Tone refers to the doll’s head and/or body color.
  • Each manufacturer has unique skin color options, each with a specific name.
  • Most manufacturers have various skin tones ranging from white, natural, pink, light tan, tanned & cocoa.
  • The most popular sex doll skin tones are “Tanned” and “Light Tan.”

If you are having trouble deciding, please contact our friendly team for more information. We can even provide TPE samples for you to compare upon request.

Q: Why does the same skin tone look different between dolls?

Skin tone can look vastly different between photos due to the photography conditions and any post-photography effects that have sometimes been implemented for visual effect.

A: It can be affected by one or more of the following:

  • Lighting – This has a HUGE effect on skin tone appearance – The same skin tone photographed in a professional studio can look significantly different under factory lighting.
  • Filters – All kinds of filters can be used. Some can be more subtle than others.
  • Monitors – Types of monitors used to view photographs: cameras – Type of camera used during photography.
  • Vendors – Different vendors can refer to skin tones by different names.**We use the skin color name provided by our manufacturers. We do not alter the skin color name.

Eye Color:

The eyes of a sex doll are not fixed permanently and can be removed/changed at any point. 

A change of eye color can significantly change the whole look of your doll.

Can’t decide which eye color you like best? Why not add an extra set of eyes so you can switch between the two colors whenever you like?

It’s hard to change the eyeballs for a hard silicone head unless you know how. It’s easy to damage the doll’s eyelashes. The factory uses a tool to replace the eyeballs. So please consider whether you want the extra eyeballs.


As you might have guessed, dolls don’t grow their own hair. They have wigs. There are a huge amount of wigs to choose from.

Each manufacturer has a specific selection of wigs that they offer.

The manufacturer has chosen the wigs available. The selection is designed to give you a wide variety of styles to choose from.

Want the wig in the photos, but can’t see the option?

Select: Same as photo

We offer a “Same as photo” option so our customers can request the wig in the photos.

Areola size:

The areola is the circular area surrounding the nipples.

The size refers to the diameter of the areola.

The areola is hand finished (stained by hand using TPE stain) by the workshop artists and can be made to any size (within reason). However, the dolls often have a textured area pre-molded into the doll’s body, restricting the recommended areola sizes. These textured areas are usually visible in the doll’s photos. Of course, it is possible to stain the doll’s areola to any size larger than the textured area, but it’s not necessarily recommended…

If you are unsure about this option, we recommend selecting the “Same as photo” option. Our workshop artists will always try to make the areola size look as realistic as possible to ensure good doll aesthetics.

Areola Color:

The areola is the circular area surrounding the nipples.

The areola color is hand finished (stained by hand using TPE stain) by the workshop artists and can be made any color. Generally, we recommend making the areola and labia color the same or similar.

If in doubt, we recommend selecting the “Same as photo” option. Our workshop artists will always try to make the areola look as realistic as possible to ensure good doll aesthetics. You cannot change the nipple style/shape.

The vagina option is available in two options: Fixed or Removable.

  • The fixed vagina is a built-in vagina permanently molded into the doll’s body.
  • The removable vagina option looks similar, but the internal opening is slightly wider to accommodate a removable “sleeve” insert, designed to ease the cleaning process.

Here are some pros and cons for both options so you can make up your own mind.

The Fixed Vagina (Permanent) 


  • The fixed vagina is more realistic aesthetically.
  • It is more realistic to the touch. (the inside “chamber” is the same on both)
  • It can be easier to use if you’re not “fully erect.”
  • You can control how tight the vagina is by opening the legs.
  • You can place your doll sitting over a container or bucket to wash.
  • You can have a shower with the doll using a shower hose to clean.


  • It can be cumbersome to clean the doll if your doll is large, heavy, or non-standing.
  • If you are ever going to resell the doll, it is less appealing to buyers.

The Vagina Insert (Removable)


  • You can remove the insert from the doll for easy cleaning.
  • The vagina cavity is suitable for use with a penis adapter.
  • You can have a second insert ready while the other is drying.
  • You can purchase different size inserts.
  • You can replace the insert.
  • It appears the same as the fixed vagina on the outside.Cons
  • The insert needs powder to insert.
  • It cannot be delightful to insert when lubricated.
  • It feels less realistic to the touch on the inside.
  • There can be additional movement.

Anonymous Quotes from The Doll Forum

“Fixed … don’t get it unless you’re purely for aesthetics. Inserts… get it if you’re a horny dog… and get TWO inserts because you like to put a dry clean insert in after each time!”

“Now that I’ve found the best way to clean them, built-in. 100%”

“Fixed all the way. I’ve had both and consider the insert actually more trouble and certainly aesthetically inferior.”

“I have both, a PIB GND that has an insert and a WM140 that has a built-in vagina, and since I bought a good plastic wide rim container, it is just as easy to clean either because I don’t have to lift one or the other and manipulate them to & from the bathroom! Just a good towel and the container on top of the bed and a lady with a built-in is cleaned just as easily right there with no mess if handled carefully. “

“I’d definitely go the insert. It’s just easy to clean – not tried the fixed though!”

Well, there you have it, folks. We think it comes down to personal preference and individual technique when it comes to cleaning.. the choice is yours.


Many (but not all) of the dolls available offer the solid or hollow breast’s choice.

What’s the difference? Other than one being hollow and the other NOT being hollow… The hollow breasts are “squishier” and help reduce the doll’s overall weight, particularly if you are considering a doll with extra large boobies…

As a general rule:

Dolls with a breast size lower than C cup are ordered with a solid breast (Unless otherwise requested).

Dolls with a breast size higher than C cup are ordered with a hollow breast (Unless otherwise requested).

Now Jinsan offers gel implants. WM + YL + OR.

Labia Color:

The labia is hand colored to your requirements. All manufacturers offer basic coloring and definition. Some manufacturers (such as Irontech) offer ultra-realistic artistic definition and detail in the naughty parts upon request.

Generally, we recommend coloring the labia the same as the areola color. If in doubt, we recommend selecting “Same as photo” on both to ensure the workshop artists color the naughty bits just like the glamour shots, which is debatably the doll at her best.

Pubic Hair:

We all know what pubic hair is. Some of us love it. Some of us can’t stand the stuff…

Either way, pubic hair is available in multiple styles and colors. Some manufacturers (like Irontech) plug the hair into the doll’s skin to give it a more realistic look and feel. Others glue the hair onto the surface of the doll’s skin. Check with us before purchase if you are concerned. We can order it as a patch you can glue on yourself – well, not on you, on the doll, silly!

Fingernail+Toenail Color:

Like real fingernails + toenails, they can be painted. There’s not a lot more to explain about nail color, other than – You can choose the color.

Tip: If you didn’t make your mind up about fingernail and toenail colors, we would recommend getting natural fingernails. Why? Because you can always paint them at a later date, just like real fingernails!


The feet are available in two options: Standing or Non-Standing or Hard Feet.

Standing feet & Hard Feet are by far the most popular foot option with our sex dolls. As you may have guessed, the two options enable the doll to stand upright.

With the standing feet option, three (tiny) metal bolt heads protrude slightly from the foot’s bottom to enable the doll to stand unassisted. In our opinion, this small visual sacrifice is worth it. You can stand your doll for long periods for photography, intimacy, or storage. However, we recommend not leaving your doll free-standing whilst unsupervised as he/she may fall and become damaged.

Standing Feet & Hard Feet are great for:

  • Photography
  • Storing your doll upright in the house.
  • Assisting with dressing your doll.
  • Assisting with cleaning your doll.
  • Assisting with moving from one place to another.
  • And actually standing. (in flat shoes)
  • People with a shoe fetish want their dolls to stand in shoes. (*always use support when in heels*)
  • Having sex while standing

Standing feet are not great for:

  • People with a foot fetish (bolts are visible on the bottom of feet. For now, there is a better choice: Hard Feet is without bolts)

FAQs about standing feet:

Q: Is the standing foot larger or flatter than the normal foot?

A: No, it’s the same foot with modifications.

Q: Can the standing foot still wear high heel shoes?

A: High heel shoes can be worn on foot, but only flat shoes are recommended for standing. If heels are used, we recommend leaning the doll on support.

Q: Which dolls are offered with the standing foot?

A: All dolls can be ordered with standing feet, except torsos. Some silicone dolls are offered Hard Feet option. 


Moving Shoulders / Shrugging shoulders:

  • Shrugging shoulders are a skeletal upgrade that shoulders a wider range of motion, most noticeably – The up & down / shrugging motion, hence the name- shrugging shoulders.
  • This upgrade does not necessarily enhance the sexual experience but is particularly popular for individuals who expect to use their doll in photo-shoots.
  • It is generally regarded that dolls with shrugging shoulders can pose slightly more “realistic” positions for photographs.
  • Moving Shoulders is an upgrade that can be added before you “ADD TO CART.” Look for the “Skeleton upgrade” option under “View Upgrades & Accessories.”

EVO skeleton:

The EVO skeleton is a term used by Doll-Forever, Piper Doll, and Doll-House 168.

EVO skeleton is the name given to the skeleton upgrade that enables the doll to squat. Please see below.

The EVO skeleton is an upgrade that can be added before you “ADD TO CART.” Look for the “EVO skeleton” option under “View Upgrades & Accessories.”

If you have any other questions about our dolls, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team by e‑mail us at or using the contact form here. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.