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TAYU Doll is a high-end Chinese silicone doll maker specializing in realistic, lightweight silicone dolls. They are also known as Art Doll / ArtDoll in Japan, but their real name is TAYU. They are a highly innovative company that owns several patents, the most famous ones being the weight reduction technology. Their dolls are anatomically correct and are often described by doll collectors as more sex-oriented dolls.


# Realdollonline TAYU Doll: innovative and lightweight Silicone Real Dolls

High-quality TAYU Doll Feature

TAYU 148cm, D-cup Body Softness Test

Body Makeup Stability Test - High-quality Body Painting


TAYU Doll, Ultra-soft Butt Option

The softness of TAYU dolls will give you an impressive human lifelike touch feeling that only the high-end silicone doll makers could rival. Most of the body parts are, by default, made with extra softness. TAYU put a paid option for people who want to have the ultra-soft butt to further indulge the doll lovers. Please be aware that the ultra-soft butt option will add on average 3Kg-4Kg compared to the default body weight of each model. To avoid butt deformation, you should put a pillow under the waist to lift the butt up for the lying storage method.

TAYU Doll, Ultra-soft Breasts Option

The softness of TAYU dolls will give you an impressive human lifelike touch feeling that only the high-end silicone doll makers could rival. Most of the body parts are, by default, made with extra softness. 


TAYU Doll, Softer Silicone & Hard Silicone Head

It exists two kinds of softness for TAYU silicone non-oral heads. They can be customized to be extra softer to have soft and kissable lips. Hair implant options are applicable for default soft heads only. Below is a video that shows you the softness comparison between the default and the extra soft head.

TAYU Silicone Doll, Skin Tone

TAYU currently proposes two skin tones: fair is the default skin option, and wheat skin tone is a paid option. Doll lovers can also add realistic bikini lines from the body painting options. It is applicable for both skin tones. 


TAYU Silicone Doll, 148cm, D-cup Body

TAYU Silicone Doll, 148cm, D-cup, QingZhi

TAYU Doll 148cm D-cup Body

TAYU Doll 148cm D-cup Head #9 NaiMei

TAYU Doll, NaiMei Factory Video


TAYU Doll, Default & Loose Joint Options

TAYU Doll proposes two joint options. The standard joint options are stiff enough to pose, and the level of stiffness is very good for intercourse. Folks don’t need to spend too much effort moving a TAYU lady’s body parts, which is also uncommon for the industry. For doll lovers who prefer to have very stiff or hard-to-move joints, TAYU is not suitable.

TAYU adjusts most joints to be completely loose when the loose joint option is requested. Finger joints and neck joints will, however, remain stiff.

TAYU Doll Articulated Finger Joints

To enhance the realism of their dolls, all TAYU love dolls have articulated finger joints, soft and resistant fingernails with the most advanced anti-puncture palm technology, and solid metal EVO skeleton made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy with reinforced and durable metal joints.

TAYU Doll Soft Head Option - TAYU Soft Head with Oral Function Head #9 NaiMei​

TAYU Doll currently has 11 silicone oral capable heads that are available & compatible with the 148 bodies, head#9 Naimei being the all-time best seller. All the TAYU oral heads can have a built-in soft tongue and are equipped with oral function: oral cavities and 12cm oral depth. The TAYU oral silicone heads are comparable to TPE heads in terms of softness. The implanted hair option is not compatible with soft oral heads. 

Their anti-tearing mouth design is impressive, which allows relatively large oral openings compared to average silicone oral heads from other brands in the current silicone market. Since each person has a different physical condition, we urge doll owners to engage in oral sex with caution to prevent your TAYU silicone ladies from eventual damage. 

TAYU Ultra-soft Butt Option


TAYU 155cm, B-cup Body

TAYU 155cm, I-cup Body

TAYU 163cm, D-cup Body

TAYU 170cm, E-cup Body

TAYU Upgraded its Eyelashes

Skeleton Adjustment

Removable Vagina Install & Remove Tutorial

TAYU Doll Movable Metal Skeleton

This is a chart where you can see the joint locations and the recommended movement range of TAYU love dolls. It means that when you have your TAYU doll do certain positions beyond the recommended range, you engage in the risk of breaking her skeleton or joints.