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# Realdollonline Learn more about DOLL BRANDS - ZELEX DOLL

ZELEX dolls are one of the highest quality silicone dolls in the industry. The ZELEX factory was established in 2013. Their extensive experience is attributed to their perfect workmanship and guarantees the highest quality of dolls on the market. With every detail perfected, it’s virtually impossible to be disappointed with the level of craftsmanship displayed. ZELEX uses real-life models when creating their dolls to give their dolls the most realistic features and proportions possible. The wax-level craftsmanship gives these companions a feel and quality like no other in the industry.

We have access to the full collection of ZELEX dolls, so if you can’t find the doll you’re looking for, be sure to contact our friendly team members.


# Realdollonline ZELEX Doll: Ultra Realistic Silicone Dolls

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# Realdollonline ZELEX Doll Unboxing Vlog

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Realdollonline Studio New Videos: ZELEX Full Silicone Doll Unboxing

ZELEX ultra-realistic body unboxing video. Let’s see the amazing ZELEX 170cm, C-cup body!  A different wig will let your doll totally look different. We change dozens of wigs to find which one is the best suitable for a ZELEX doll GE45.

ZELEX Doll, 170cm C-cup body

# Realdollonline ZELEX Doll . New released . Automatically Sucking Vagina


ZELEX Doll – New 170cm Inspiration Series Body

01. ZELEX Doll, Inspiration series body details

02. ZELEX Doll, Head GE95 – True restoration of oral structure


03. ZELEX Doll, Body Technology – New color sealing process

04. ZELEX Doll, New 170cm Body, Replaceable labia


High-quality ZELEX Silicone Doll Feature

ZELEX Doll, Unboxing Tutorial

After a lady is carried into your house, how should you ask her out and show her around? Let’s see this video. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong… Yes. You win! 

ZELEX Doll, Hard Hand Function

New feature released from ZELEX. Please note the soft hand and the hard hand both have articulated fingers. The difference is the hard hand will give more protection to the fingers. Your doll’s fingers will not be that easy to damage. 


ZELEX Doll, Posture Demonstration

After showing around, take a shower (if you like), then? The sweet moment needs some poses. She may fall in love with you with this one. 

ZELEX Doll, Soft vs. Hard Head

The hard head is more details. The soft head has a more lovely touch feeling. Indecisive? No way. ZELEX promotion will give you a 2ND soft head for free. You will have them all at once. How exciting? 


Implanted Synthetic Hair vs. Human Hair

The implanted hair will be more realistic, but you may not be able to change the hairstyle easily. Unless you’re a hairdresser. Wow! Are you? But see how great it looks first. 

ZELEX Silicone Doll, Body Details

ZELEX Doll has almost the best ultra-realistic body details in the industry. Let’s have a look at how great it looks.


Technology of ZELEX Gel Breast

Gel breasts feature will be as default and free upgrade. Everyone loves soft breasts. Right? Unless your girlfriend has a visit to your home. (Do you really think she’s better than mine?) LMAO. 


ZELEX Doll Body Measurement

We have access to the full collection of Zelex dolls, so if you can’t find the doll you’re looking for, be sure to contact our friendly team members.

ZELEX Silicone Doll, 130cm, B-cup Body (26.4KG)
ZELEX Silicone Doll, 143cm, H-cup Body (29KG)
ZELEX Silicone Doll, 145cm, A-cup Body (26.7KG)
ZELEX Silicone Doll, 155cm, C-cup Body (29.2KG)
ZELEX Silicone Doll, X165cm, F-cup Body (36.45KG)
ZELEX Silicone Doll, 165cm, F-cup Body (32.5KG)
ZELEX Silicone Doll, 167cm, E-cup Body (49.2KG)
ZELEX Silicone Doll, 170cm, C-cup Body (36.2KG)
ZELEX Silicone Doll, 172cm, F-cup Body (40.2KG)
ZELEX Silicone Doll, 175cm, E-cup Body (40KG)
ZELEX Doll, Scaled-down body comparison

ZELEX Letter of Authorization

ZELEX High-quality Skeleton

ZELEX Doll Body Movement Range


ZELEX Silicone Head, suitable for 155cm-172cm Body

ZELEX Doll uses real-life models when creating their dolls to give their dolls the most realistic features and proportions possible.


ZELEX Doll Vagina Test

How about ZELEX Doll’s sex activity? Please see this video.  

ZELEX Moaning Function

ZELEX Doll Sexy Moaning Function

ZELEX Doll Soft Head Function

ZELEX Doll released their soft head function.