Options Available From SE DOLL

Options Available From SE DOLL

SEDOLL is constantly upgrading and enriching its options, besides basic options such as skin tones, standing, etc., offering moaning function, heating, realistic body painting, articulated fingers, and other customization services (e.g., make-up, the skin color of your choice, etc.)

Skin Tone
Articulated Fingers
New articulated fingers skeleton, three segment digital joints will bring:
  • Not easy to deform
  • Easy to pose
  • Vivid and lifelike
Realistic Body Painting

Ultra-realistic body make-up focuses on simulating the texture of human skin, such as blood vessels.


Get a doll that is able to moan and get warm!

Fixed Tongue

Having a tongue enhances the reality and does not interfere with oral sex.

Lubricant Vagina

After the lubricant Vagina has been filled with water, poke it a few more times with your hand or a stick, it will get smoother the more you poke it.

Customized Skin Tone
Customized Makeup

The producer accepts customized makeup, freckles or belly piercing, etc. Please feel free to contact us with any requirements.

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