SanHui TPE Doll (Head #2) Small Breasts Sexy Doll

SanHui TPE Doll (Head #2) Small Breasts Sexy Doll

The new Flexi Edition skeleton upgrade is the latest achievement from SANHUI after months of hard work. Some other sex doll manufacturers have got into the game of premium skeleton options ahead of us, SANHUI was intrigued by that as well, skeleton is the core of a sex doll and everybody knows what an excellent skeleton can do to a doll priced over two thousand US dollars. Honestly, it was not that easy to get this done, we put a lot of time and effort into the design and really took the test to the extreme, that’s how we knew for sure we’ve got what we wanted. The new skeleton upgrade will allow the dolls to reach angles the average dolls you’ll find in the market are incapable of reaching. On top of that, the skeleton itself will be much more durable.

At this point, we’re confident to say that we have the top-tier skeletons in the whole field, and our products will help prove this. The new Flexi Edition skeleton upgrade is now available on our 118cm and taller dolls, please give it a try and you’ll know what we have to offer.

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