Tutorial videos of the Game Lady Doll

# Realdollonline GameLady Full Silicone Doll Tutorial

Dear GameLady Doll owners. Welcome to this GameLady family. GameLady Doll is a high-quality silicone doll. Finally, we are living with our favorite sweetheart. We hope she will bring you beauty and happiness every day. 

So let’s ask her out and show her around. We got some tutorial videos for you. What should you do when you receive your own Game Lady? The answers are all in the videos.

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GameLady Full Silicone Doll Unboxing Tutorial

Game Lady is a high-quality new silicone doll manufacturer producing sex dolls inspired by your favorite games. With more and more realistic game ladies come into your life. Their dolls are made with premium quality materials, including medical-grade silicone and alloy internal skeleton and many great free upgrades. Their dolls are high standard as other well-known and respected doll manufacturers.

Here is an unboxing video to introduce GameLady Doll. What is she look like? What should you do when you receive your own Game Lady? The answers are all in the video.

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GameLady Doll, Head #No.03 Longer Hair Option

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NEW ARRIVAL: GameLady Doll, Soft Head #No.11

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GameLady Doll, Head #No.04, Hair Combing Tutorial

A tutorial on combing hair (Head #04)

# Realdollonline GameLady Doll Customer Photos

Photographer:  Xenoheart Visuals

Amazing photos, right!?  ^O^

These photos are from one of our customers. You can follow his Twitter with the icon on the top right corner. We are looking forward to more breathtaking photos from him. Also, we would appreciate it if you could send us some photos. We hope the ladies can reunite in this family again. Thank you.