ZELEX Doll – New 170cm Inspiration Series Body & Head GE95

ZELEX Doll – New 170cm Inspiration Series Body & Head GE95

ZELEX Doll released a New 170cm Inspiration Series body and a New head GE95.

The new features of the 170cm body:

  • True restoration of oral structure
  • Pussy to suit individual needs
  • Human-like skin details are not easy to fade
  • Softer breasts
  • Kneadable ass

Head GE95 is a soft silicone head as default. She has a movable mouth and a very realistic inside mouth structure, making her face show more real expressions. 

With long-standing expertise in wax makeup, ZELEX Doll has lifelike skin details from the head to the whole body. Thus, the doll looks lifelike and full of spirit, just like your soulmate.

In order to make the doll can stay with you longer, ZELEX developed a new color sealing process so that the makeup of the head and body is more solid and durable than previous products.

Please see the videos below of this new 170cm body and head.  

01. ZELEX Doll, Inspiration series body details

02. ZELEX Doll, Head GE95 - True restoration of oral structure

03. ZELEX Doll, Body Technology - New color sealing process

04. ZELEX Doll, New 170cm Body, Replaceable labia

New Released: ZELEX Silicone Doll, New 170cm Inspiration Series Body, Head GE94 & GE95

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