ZELEX DOLL, 170cm, Unboxing Video Part II
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A different wig will let your doll totally look different. We change dozens of wigs to find which one is the best suitable for a ZELEX doll GE45. Please let me know which wig you like most. We will take photos with the wig then and share them with you. Thank you for watching our video. More videos about dolls are on the road. Thanks.


Zelex dolls are one of the highest quality silicone dolls in the industry. We take an unboxing video. Here is part one. Hope you will like it.

The Zelex factory was established in 2013. Their extensive experience is attributed to their perfect workmanship and guarantees the highest quality of dolls on the market. With every detail perfected, it’s virtually impossible to be disappointed with the level of craftsmanship displayed. Zelex uses real-life models when creating their dolls to give their dolls the most realistic features and proportions possible. The wax-level craftsmanship gives these companions a feel and quality like no other in the industry.

We have access to the full collection of Zelex dolls, so if you can’t find the doll you’re looking for, be sure to contact our friendly team members.

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